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10 Sure Ways to Get Your Ecommerce Marketing Right

Get Your Ecommerce Marketing Right

Have you been in a situation where someone is trying to sell something to you and they come off as a disturbance?

Yeah, that’s nearly everybody’s reaction when a sales person is trying to make a hard sale to them.

The situation even worsens when the sales person becomes more aggressive, and their attempt to make a sale turns to be simply annoying.

No matter how genuine they try to persuade you, they most often might come off sounding like a scam.


Hard Selling and Soft Selling in Ecommerce Marketing

It is possible to still make a sale with hard selling with a scenario like the one described above.

Soft selling on the other hand is about building relationship with your customers, without putting psychological pressure on them. This passive style can equally yield good sales results.

While both methods seem to have their potential strength we are going to be discussing more on soft selling in this article.

Soft selling is potentially the ideal way to go for ecommerce marketing.

Research prove that online users have very short attention span, and that suggests that trying to use hard selling on them is less likely to work.

Consumers are 30 percent more willing to buy a product through non-direct advertising rather than media advertising.

Not only that, consumers exposed to this method of advertising were 97 percent more likely to tell their friends about it, and 95 percent more likely to repeat their experience with the business.

With this statistics how can you use content marketing to your advantage? Where can you draw a middle line between hard selling and soft selling? How can you get your content marketing right?


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10 Sure Ways to Get Your Ecommerce Marketing Right

I know a number of online businesses that have tried content marketing and simply cannot seem to get it going right.

This tells us that success with ecommerce content marketing is more than just the strategy, it is about the approach.

One major mistake they make is not getting their emotions involved in the content marketing process.

An ecommerce store that delivers content that is not appealing to the interest to of its consumers would only be sounding like a speaker who is only stating facts.

Now follow along as we consider 10 ways in which you can get your ecommerce approach right.

In all, consider how you can tailor it to get your consumers emotionally involved.


1.Have a Killer Headline

Getting a powerful, catchy, and appealing headline is half of the secret in succeeding in content marketing.

Think about it.

In a crowded online media and in a world where people online have no second to waste, if your content headline does not pique their interest then your content would not get a second glance and will be rolled back to the oblivion.

Good headlines are the key elements that get contents shared and talked about on social media.

All great contents have a killer headline. In fact many have used a killer headline as a bait to get people’s attention to their site.

So get your content a killer headline and see how people troop in to find out more about your content piece, and see how it gets effortlessly shared.

What makes a killer headline? You want extra tips? Follow along with my upcoming article on the subject.


2. Use Imagery

According to the research findings by Hubspot:

  1. 40 percent of Internet users show a better response to visuals instead of plain text
  2. 1 percent consider web design as the primary criterion for a credible company website
  3. Infographics produce an average traffic increase of 12 percent compared to other forms of content
  4. Video content is 3 times more inbound links compared to plain text
  5. Facebook posts with photos generate the most likes, comments, and shares over links, plain text, and video

Thus the studies reveal humans process visual images 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

In a future article I’ll give extra tips on how to approach the use imagery.


3. Use Stories

Another way to get your marketing right is to use relevant stories.

Stories have a way to attract and connect to people.

According to studies, stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.

Stories create images in the mind that may also trigger mirror neurons and create lasting impression. Using stories can be effective to prompt people to take an action.

You can also take a clue from some of the best copywriters and successful ads when using stories in content marketing.

So how do you plan to turn your marketing messages into stories? I’ll provide some extra tips in a follow up article.


4. Use Quotes from experts – use authority

One of the best ways to engage audiences and lend credibility to your brand and the content being produced is to use quotes.

Using quotes adds authority to your content.

To find more suitable quotes it is worthwhile to take a wider view of what your business is really about.

You can leverage on quotes or content from persons related to your business, or use ones that your consumers would likely have interest in.

Taking this approach help to go beyond just selling your business but taking interest in your consumers.

Turning these quotes into images can prove more appealing.

Often times this does require creativity but it is not very complex.


SEO based content marketing


5. Build a loyal fan base

In a crowded content space, it is important to build a network of people who value your content.

Content marketers that find the most success are ones who focus not just on creating great content but also on creating great relationships.

Relationships that result in a network and reach.

So how do you build an effective network?

There is no one effective way. It could be through face to face interactions at a conference or perhaps interactions in the comment section of a blog.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, forums etc are all platforms where one can build a following and a network.

For content marketers with such a network, it accounts for a consistent flow of traffic to their site and regular sharing of posts as well.

The more relationships you establish the better off you are.


6. Gather Good Reviews

One of the most underutilized content marketing strategy is that of customer reviews.

Only a handful of content marketers are leveraging on this free yet effective way to create strong impression on your consumers.

It is easy to get more shares from reviews when readers feel a connection with what they are reading.

Good reviews can splash across contents, across the site or made a post on its own.

While this right might be tricky sometimes make sure any approach you take connects you with your audience emotions.


7. Do something unusual

A powerful content marketing strategy is creating something unusual.  Such can come in the form of images or words. They create immediate awe and intrigue.

For example take a look at this picture that can mess up with your mind from Buzzfeed.


Your idea does not have to be completely new or earth shattering because there is little chance you would have come up with the picture yourself. You can search for such unusual content possibly online.


8. Simple Language

Simple tone of writing can have greater impact just the way uncluttered designs create higher appeal.

Following William Strunk Jr’s words, “A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.”

Use simple words that can be understood by just about anyone with a basic command of English.

Keeping your writing simple can take time.

One of the simplest ways to keep your content simple is to write in a conversational style.


9. Be Consistent with Content

A loyal fan base would appreciate contents that are published constantly.

While I would not enforce on you publishing content daily, it would be helpful to yourself and your readers if you have a schedule for publishing or have a way to notify them when you have new articles.

It is vital to consider having quality content not just focusing on having a great quantity of content. This approach takes time but brings reward to your consistency in delivering content.

Delivering quality content would require measuring your efforts which is what the last point discusses.


10. Take a closer look at results – analytics

It is important to measure the effectiveness of your content to ensure that your marketing budget are not going out in vain.

Doing this enables you to understand what type of content are been successful and what to improve on.

It is no longer sufficient to point which types of content generated the most traffic.

In fact the need to establish ROI requires data and tools in order to have the ability to show how content has a positive impact on web traffic, SEO, building up social media followers, email lists, blog subscribers, email click through rates, video views etc.

While marketing automation and CRM systems are commonly used it is vital to get an expert attention to the analysis.


Yeah, this article has shared with you useful “10 Sure Ways to Get Your Ecommerce Marketing Right“, yet the ideas are not exhaustive.

More practice, giving time to your effort and learning from other experts of good performing sites can prove useful.

In a latter article I would expand on some of the points highlighted here and add to it what your content marketing team should look like.


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