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Reasons Why Fresh Content Is Imperative To Successful SEO

The era before the sudden rise of search engine, people had to literally jot down any website URL that they are interested in or even memorize them. Apart from a few popular websites like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram people have come to rely more and more on search engines to get to websites containing the information or services they want. Because of this, search engine optimization has become an invaluable tool in website design for small businesses and big companies to be able to reach their target audience. Without search engine optimization, even a quality website would find it difficult to reach a very wide audience. Now: There are two things, fresh content and SEO. I will be discussing with you four (4) major outstanding points. Here is a list of them (for easy navigation, click on the list to skip to a section)

Reasons Why Fresh Content Is Imperative To Successful SEO


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1. Factors Affecting Page Rank

Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply the way to go in increasing a web site's page ranking in search engine results listing. According to reports by SEO experts, the following factors below are the top ten ranking factors that can influence a web document's rank at the major search engines like Yahoo!, MSN, Google & AskJeeves for a particular term or phrase:
  • Title Tag
  • Anchor Text of Links
  • Keyword Use in Document Text
  • Accessibility of Document
  • Links to Document from within the Site (Internal Pages)
  • Primary Subject Matter of Site
  • External Links to Linking Pages, Link Popularity of Site in Topical Community
  • Global Link Popularity of Site, and Keyword Spamming
It is important to note however, that although keyword density does affect page rank it is often frowned on as is considered to be a questionable technique when it is over 10 to 20% the actual content since it appears to be spamming then.  

2. The Effect of Fresh Content in SEO

It is not enough for your website to apply the other SEO techniques like meta tag optimization and link analysis. Fresh content, meaning relevant content delivered on a regular basis is imperative to a successful SEO. Although not included as one of the top ten ranking factor above, one of the recurring factors affecting page rank mentioned in SEO articles is content. Not just any content but the freshness and consistency of content. Since it is a factor mentioned in many existing articles I've come across, common sense dictates that the freshness of content is indeed an important factor in page ranking. Major search engines like Google are known to rank pages not only according to the relevancy of the content but also according to how fresh the content is. Out dated content can lower the page rank of an otherwise well designed website and ruin SEO efforts. A fresh content on the other hand will contribute to the success of search engine optimization.   SEO based content marketing  

3. Ways to Deliver Fresh Content on a Regular Basis

However for SEO to be successful the fresh content delivered by the website should be in a form that is readable to search engine. Ordinary content writers, of course wouldn't know how to make their content readable by search engines. The good news is that there is no special effort needed on the part of content writer to make their content readable by search engines. All that is needed is a good dynamic, database driven content management system (CMS). Content management systems might seem hard to manage but they are actually relatively easy once you get the hang of it and get past the learning stage. Learning to use them can, however, prove to be tricky. It is best to get the help of web developers when setting up a website's content management system. CMSs tend to serve very useful benefit especially for websites with multiple users who can contribute to the site's content. Mambo and PHPNuke are recommended for starters. Another way to deliver fresh content at a regular basis is by using a weblog. Maintaining a weblog is an easy and cost effective way of updating your site. A good weblog should always be frequently updated, full of rich and informative articles, and should allow readers to post comments. Aside from the ability to add fresh content regularly, a weblog integrated in your website will also achieve the following desirable results:
  • It will increase the amount of inbound links to your website
  • It will increase the frequency at which the web search engines will spider or crawl your website ( this is due to the frequent update in content )
  • It will increase the interactivity for the web user; and
  • It will ultimately improve your search engine ranking.
Two examples of good easy to use blogging tools that can be integrated into websites are Blogger and WordPress. For those who are a bit more tech savvy and know how to use Macromedia Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver is a design software that can help you update your website with more control. With Dreamweaver you can add or change not only the written content but the whole look from color schemes to fonts and even the layout of your website. But if you do not have a need for such control over your website and feel a bit daunted by Dreamweaver, Macromedia Contribute would be a good option. There are, of course other design software out there, which you can use.  

4. The Importance of Fresh Content Beyond SEO

After learning how to regularly deliver fresh content to optimize your website's rank it is important to know that its importance and effect goes way beyond that. Aside from the success, fresh content contributes to your overall SEO efforts, it will not only get the website noticed by search engines but is imperative in keeping the website audience. People usually go online not just for relevant information but for timely information as well. After the search engines show a website as a result of a search request and people get to visit the site it is up to the fresh content to convince the page visitors to keep on returning to the site. If the website content is outdated or is updated rather infrequently and erratically, the chances of the target audience returning to the site on a regular basis, if at all, will be rather slim. Even the best SEO efforts will be wasted if the target audience decides that the website is not worth visiting. At this point: I hope you have clearly seen that in all, fresh content really is one of the keys to a successful SEO and thus a successful website. I'd like to here from you, was this article helpful? Leave us a comment right below let's know what you feel or reach out to us to enjoy our services. Please don't be shy...we are very friendly!    
internet marketing

How To Spend Less on Internet Marketing

The internet has become the largest market place in the world today. The internet has turned the world into a little village. Billions of people in the world use the internet today. It's fast changing the way we do things in the past. In the past, business people have to travel distances to set up offices and to promote their brand. With the internet today, one can sit in front of his computer and set his web presence in many corners of the world with as much as a few clicks. For a while T.V and radio advertisements became a faster way to market ones business. Those were heavily costly and only rich businesses could afford it. With the internet today, one can reach millions of people all over the world with a few dollars. If you are fortunate your business, product or service can go viral from a single one second post on the internet. While it is true that internet marketing is the fastest way to spread information today, and is less costly many have some wrong marketing concept of the internet. Some wrongly believe that once they place their product on the internet it will spread all over the world and millions of people would start rushing to their door step. Others also wrongly assume that everything on the internet is also free or very cheap. That is also not true. Some companies spend millions of marketing budget in adverts every month. In this article, "How to Spend Less on Internet Marketing", I’m interested in teaching you a few ways in which you can do your internet marketing with little budget especially if you are a small business or startup.
  • How can you take advantage of the large market the internet has, even at a low budget?
  • How can small businesses expand their market reach and consumer targets?

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How to Spend Less on Internet Marketing

Identify Your Market Niche To start with, as it is with every business and also in the internet market it is important to properly define your market niche. Identify the set of people who would love to buy your product and services. Ensure that most of your target consumers will surely acquire your product. Consider that you have the best products that will definitely capture your consumer’s interest and needs. That means you need to identify who your products or services specifically suits, their location and financial status. These are important marketing knowledge or skills you need to achieve your internet marketing.   Identify Internet Marketing Solutions After proper understudy of your market niche the next thing is identify which internet marketing solution would suit your need. There are varied internets marketing solutions offered by different companies. Identify the ones that would suit your business needs and help you maximize return in profit. Some of these less expensive internet marketing solutions that you can consider include email marketing, search engine optimization or creating web pages or sites. These marketing techniques I’m about to explain are very self-explanatory, thus you can do them yourself.   Email Marketing Email marketing is a common Internet marketing Solution. This is a cost effective way of communicating and interacting with your consumers, driving them to visit your website and check out your products. It may be in a way of marketing articles, leading them to forums or newsletters. A newsletter has an advantage of expanding your consumers as more and more sign up on it until you can have a bulk list of emails.   SEO based content marketing   Website Another great Internet marketing solution is through websites. This is a good promotion strategy to employ since you can display all the necessary information for your target consumers. The website should capture their interest and be complete since every transaction, from inquiry to payments may take place. All correspondence that will be done online must be well-facilitated by the features of your website.   Search Engine Optimization Another Internet marketing solution is search engine optimization. This is a type of service for your website that you can make use of in order to raise the number of visitors to your site. Once a consumer uses a search engine, your website will rank high in the list of searches which in return will increase your site's traffic.   Considering these Internet Marketing Solution, there are different companies offering software products containing one or all of these solutions. It would be a great opportunity to try one of these which will match your financial capability and expected return profit.   I’d like to here from you, was this article helpful? Leave us a comment right below let’s know what you feel. Please don’t be shy…we are very friendly!
Web Designer mistake

10 Biggest Mistakes a Web Designer Can Make

With the ease that comes with building websites these days especially after the introduction of wordpress templates, a web designer can easily designate himself a web design pro (and he chooses to stick with it even though he made it up himself). The success of a website does not come with the ease of erecting one but with the little details that directly and indirectly affects the visitors that come to the site- the users are the bottom line of importance. There are a number of mistakes that web designers make and today I’ll take you through 10 of them. So here are my pick for the 10 biggest mistakes a web designer can make.  

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  1. Too Many Ads.
Have you come to a web site and right there an advert pops up in front of you, doesn’t it get you irritated? Many new websites are fond of doing this. In an attempt to satisfy the owner who probably can’t wait to make money from his website many web designers overwhelm the site with ads. When you place yourself in the shoes of your users as in the example above don’t the ads feel intrusive? Ask yourself do I want my users to gain useful information from the site or are you trapping them into your ads nest.  
  1. Plugin Overload.
The share appeal potential functionality of plugins can move a web designer to want to use every single free plugin he can find on the internet right on the site. This can be irritating to the user who would likely not be interested in trying different plugins of the near same functions, not to mention  the bit of confusion that comes with it. You have to keep plugin usage to a maximum of 1 type per page. If you've got Flash, then you can't have a media player, or if you're using Java, then no Flash. It's not as bad to use the same plugin twice.  
  1. Flash Intros.
Please, don't use a Flash intro on your website. They have been so overused that they're becoming universally mocked. Point blank!  
  1. Unclear Layout and Navigation.
Many websites, especially business sites, suffer from some kind of disease where the very simplest task takes 10 steps. It is very important to keep your site as simple as you can. Make it easy for users to find what they are looking for easily. As best as you can improve on your layout and make your navigation buttons easy to find. If there are certain tasks people want to do frequently, put them on the front page. That way you will make your web design work not to be about your dexterity to use different design, but to be about creating value for your users.   SEO based content marketing  
  1. No Marking for External Links.
There are 2 kinds of links: internal (to other parts of your website) and external (to other websites). For the benefit of your users, it's best if you mark external links, either by making them a different color or using some kind of a symbol (a box with an arrow is the usual one). It's also good to make the external links open in new windows, so people aren't leaving your site altogether when they click them.  
  1. Unclear Linking.
Some web pages are designed to show links only when users hover their mouse over them. While this might make the design look nicer, it is not very user friendly. Instead, use a clearly contrasting color for links, and preferably underline them. This makes them more visible to the users, thus more user friendly.  
  1. Unlabeled Email Links.
Always clearly mark a link that will send email (a mailto link) with the word 'email'. If you turn clicking a name into send email, you'll annoy users who expected to find out more about the person.  
  1. Broken Links.
You should check your links regularly to make sure that they all still work. There's nothing worse than finding a site that looks useful, only to find that it hasn't been updated in years, so most of the links don't work. While a website does mostly run itself after a while, that doesn't mean that you should neglect essential maintenance.  
  1. Strange Fonts.
Stick to the most common web fonts: that's pretty much just Arial, Georgia, Tahoma and Verdana. If you use more obscure fonts, then most users won't have them -- and those that do will find your text hard to read. The only place for non-standard fonts is in your logo or headings, and then only if they are displayed as an image.  
  1. Badly-sized Text.
It's important to keep your text around the standard size. Making text too big or too small makes it hard to read and annoying for many users. The best thing you can do is use relative text sizing (not pixels) that allows the browser to respect the user's preferred text size. You should also consider offering buttons on your site to decrease or increase the font size. While this is not an exhaustive list these 10 Biggest Mistakes a Web Designer Can Make article pretty much put any web designer at a good footage to create an impressive effect on any website he chooses to build. At iZikeezy.com I’ll always be here to guide you were necessary. If you need more than just guidance then you can always hire me, I’ll be here to do your bidding.   While you are at that, let me hint you on my next article. It is entitled, “Learn the 10 secrets to an award winning web site?” I’m pretty sure you don’t have to miss it. Subscribe here to follow it up. And do not fail to leave a comment, tell us how you feel. Don't be shy...we are friendly!    
Get Your Ecommerce Marketing Right

10 Sure Ways to Get Your Ecommerce Marketing Right

Have you been in a situation where someone is trying to sell something to you and they come off as a disturbance? Yeah, that’s nearly everybody’s reaction when a sales person is trying to make a hard sale to them. The situation even worsens when the sales person becomes more aggressive, and their attempt to make a sale turns to be simply annoying. No matter how genuine they try to persuade you, they most often might come off sounding like a scam.  

Hard Selling and Soft Selling in Ecommerce Marketing

It is possible to still make a sale with hard selling with a scenario like the one described above. Soft selling on the other hand is about building relationship with your customers, without putting psychological pressure on them. This passive style can equally yield good sales results. While both methods seem to have their potential strength we are going to be discussing more on soft selling in this article. Soft selling is potentially the ideal way to go for ecommerce marketing. Research prove that online users have very short attention span, and that suggests that trying to use hard selling on them is less likely to work. Consumers are 30 percent more willing to buy a product through non-direct advertising rather than media advertising. Not only that, consumers exposed to this method of advertising were 97 percent more likely to tell their friends about it, and 95 percent more likely to repeat their experience with the business. With this statistics how can you use content marketing to your advantage? Where can you draw a middle line between hard selling and soft selling? How can you get your content marketing right?  

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10 Sure Ways to Get Your Ecommerce Marketing Right

I know a number of online businesses that have tried content marketing and simply cannot seem to get it going right. This tells us that success with ecommerce content marketing is more than just the strategy, it is about the approach. One major mistake they make is not getting their emotions involved in the content marketing process. An ecommerce store that delivers content that is not appealing to the interest to of its consumers would only be sounding like a speaker who is only stating facts. Now follow along as we consider 10 ways in which you can get your ecommerce approach right. In all, consider how you can tailor it to get your consumers emotionally involved.  

1.Have a Killer Headline

Getting a powerful, catchy, and appealing headline is half of the secret in succeeding in content marketing. Think about it. In a crowded online media and in a world where people online have no second to waste, if your content headline does not pique their interest then your content would not get a second glance and will be rolled back to the oblivion. Good headlines are the key elements that get contents shared and talked about on social media. All great contents have a killer headline. In fact many have used a killer headline as a bait to get people’s attention to their site. So get your content a killer headline and see how people troop in to find out more about your content piece, and see how it gets effortlessly shared. What makes a killer headline? You want extra tips? Follow along with my upcoming article on the subject.  

2. Use Imagery

According to the research findings by Hubspot:
  1. 40 percent of Internet users show a better response to visuals instead of plain text
  2. 1 percent consider web design as the primary criterion for a credible company website
  3. Infographics produce an average traffic increase of 12 percent compared to other forms of content
  4. Video content is 3 times more inbound links compared to plain text
  5. Facebook posts with photos generate the most likes, comments, and shares over links, plain text, and video
Thus the studies reveal humans process visual images 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. In a future article I’ll give extra tips on how to approach the use imagery.  

3. Use Stories

Another way to get your marketing right is to use relevant stories. Stories have a way to attract and connect to people. According to studies, stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone. Stories create images in the mind that may also trigger mirror neurons and create lasting impression. Using stories can be effective to prompt people to take an action. You can also take a clue from some of the best copywriters and successful ads when using stories in content marketing. So how do you plan to turn your marketing messages into stories? I’ll provide some extra tips in a follow up article.  

4. Use Quotes from experts – use authority

One of the best ways to engage audiences and lend credibility to your brand and the content being produced is to use quotes. Using quotes adds authority to your content. To find more suitable quotes it is worthwhile to take a wider view of what your business is really about. You can leverage on quotes or content from persons related to your business, or use ones that your consumers would likely have interest in. Taking this approach help to go beyond just selling your business but taking interest in your consumers. Turning these quotes into images can prove more appealing. Often times this does require creativity but it is not very complex.   SEO based content marketing  

5. Build a loyal fan base

In a crowded content space, it is important to build a network of people who value your content. Content marketers that find the most success are ones who focus not just on creating great content but also on creating great relationships. Relationships that result in a network and reach. So how do you build an effective network? There is no one effective way. It could be through face to face interactions at a conference or perhaps interactions in the comment section of a blog. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, forums etc are all platforms where one can build a following and a network. For content marketers with such a network, it accounts for a consistent flow of traffic to their site and regular sharing of posts as well. The more relationships you establish the better off you are.  

6. Gather Good Reviews

One of the most underutilized content marketing strategy is that of customer reviews. Only a handful of content marketers are leveraging on this free yet effective way to create strong impression on your consumers. It is easy to get more shares from reviews when readers feel a connection with what they are reading. Good reviews can splash across contents, across the site or made a post on its own. While this right might be tricky sometimes make sure any approach you take connects you with your audience emotions.  

7. Do something unusual

A powerful content marketing strategy is creating something unusual.  Such can come in the form of images or words. They create immediate awe and intrigue. For example take a look at this picture that can mess up with your mind from Buzzfeed.   Your idea does not have to be completely new or earth shattering because there is little chance you would have come up with the picture yourself. You can search for such unusual content possibly online.  

8. Simple Language

Simple tone of writing can have greater impact just the way uncluttered designs create higher appeal. Following William Strunk Jr’s words, “A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.” Use simple words that can be understood by just about anyone with a basic command of English. Keeping your writing simple can take time. One of the simplest ways to keep your content simple is to write in a conversational style.  

9. Be Consistent with Content

A loyal fan base would appreciate contents that are published constantly. While I would not enforce on you publishing content daily, it would be helpful to yourself and your readers if you have a schedule for publishing or have a way to notify them when you have new articles. It is vital to consider having quality content not just focusing on having a great quantity of content. This approach takes time but brings reward to your consistency in delivering content. Delivering quality content would require measuring your efforts which is what the last point discusses.  

10. Take a closer look at results – analytics

It is important to measure the effectiveness of your content to ensure that your marketing budget are not going out in vain. Doing this enables you to understand what type of content are been successful and what to improve on. It is no longer sufficient to point which types of content generated the most traffic. In fact the need to establish ROI requires data and tools in order to have the ability to show how content has a positive impact on web traffic, SEO, building up social media followers, email lists, blog subscribers, email click through rates, video views etc. While marketing automation and CRM systems are commonly used it is vital to get an expert attention to the analysis.   Yeah, this article has shared with you useful "10 Sure Ways to Get Your Ecommerce Marketing Right", yet the ideas are not exhaustive. More practice, giving time to your effort and learning from other experts of good performing sites can prove useful. In a latter article I would expand on some of the points highlighted here and add to it what your content marketing team should look like.   Was this article helpful? Let me know how you feel...remember, we are very friendly!

Why Is Your Ecommerce Business Performing Badly

If you run an online store or business, you know it isn’t for the faint-hearted.

When an ecommerce business begins to fail the question that gets repeated is, "Why is your ecommerce business performing badly?" Apart from the high cost a web designer would charge to build your ecommerce site, the task of placing all your products on the site can be daunting. Sometimes you have to hire other persons to handle that too. Now when you do have your ecommerce website fully loaded and ready to launch, like a lot of first time online entrepreneurs, many expect their online store to be a boom overnight. They have this presumption that their ecommerce site should start making sales immediately from the ground kick off. After all they have a good product at hand that should certainly turn a few heads. Sadly, 6 months later some may not have even made their first sales. Still others spend a lot of budgeting money in making adverts, and more adverts, and then most often end up complaining about not having as much return on investment as they had expected. Yet, our topic question still begs for an answer, “Why is your ecommerce business performing badly”   Now there could be a number of reasons why your ecommerce business could be performing badly. It could be inclusive of any one of the following vital factors:
  1. Investing little time and capital in your online store
  2. Expending more money on inventory and budgeting little or none for marketing
  3. Keeping poor inventory management system
  4. Selling a product that is at a highly competitive niche
  5. Having a bad website with poor user experience, less security, poor load time etc.
  6. Having poor product images
  7. Having little or no website traffic
  8. Not having a business plan

So if you can overcome the above challenges that cripple a lot of ecommerce business then you have solved 20% of the challenges. Wait, I said just 20%. Yes, fixing the above problems is just 20% of the task ahead.

So, what could be the rest 80% of the challenge?

Now, there is one important factor that a huge percentage of ecommerce businesses neglect and 80% of the time that is why most ecommerce business is performing badly. What could that be?


SEO based content marketing


It is poor content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is at the core of a lasting online business marketing success. It is quite technical and demanding, and a lot of ecommerce entrepreneurs don't know how to do it right.

How is Lack of Content Strategy Affecting Your Ecommerce Business Badly

The traditional marketing style is that of making hard cold sells. New researches are piling up that proves that the new effective method of selling is content marketing. For instance, research has proven that content marketing can generate 6 times more sales than traditional marketing. Content marketing can save you more than 60% marketing budget than traditional marketing. Research has also proven that consumers express a more positive feeling towards a company and its product after reading through a custom made content. Yes, it is far easier to form an emotional connection with a brand after reading through a custom content than through advertisements. Consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. The beauty of content marketing is that it enhances every aspect of your brand. There’s more to it than just increasing the bottom line; because the content speaks directly to your customers, there’s a direct connection that appeals to them on a deeper level than traditional avenues. This greatly improves communication between brands and clients, both in what you say and how strongly it impacts them. Let’s take a look at how powerful your content marketing can greatly impact on your ecommerce business success.  


Brand Recognition

Don’t you agree it is far easier for a consumer to want to stick to you and your brand if your content made an impression on him? Compare that to just trying to showcase your product to him or pitch a sale to him. The latter would face a quicker rejection than the former, don't you agree? The more successful your content, studies overtime reveal more people will remember your brand and create positive associations to it thus strengthening customer relations. With time as you produce authoritative content people get to see you as expert in your niche, which means they will also return to you when they have questions which translate to repeated business. It is also far too easier to have contents shared out to new channels such as on social media, guest posting on friendly sites, or even just a potent SEO strategy. Compare that to having people to share your product just like that, would that not prove more boring and difficult?    

Search Engine Optimization

In the tight competition where many businesses want to be the first to seize Google front page, content marketing is the only way to go. The value of content marketing cannot be overlooked when it comes to search engine optimization. Google results has proven that ecommerce stores that have good content strategy would definitely beat their counterparts who have a little content splashed across their product pages. While the major purpose of your content should be to make an impression on your consumers, the SEO war is also here to stay and you will have to prove your worth to search engines too.

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When talking about content marketing for e-commerce sites, we mainly focus on blogging, email and social media. However, optimizing your product listings is also extremely important for achieving high search rankings.     Increase Customer Base With the fast chain of social media networking when you have a valuable content people would not hesitate to share it. As your articles gets rebroadcasted on social media, used as guest posting, and on other sites your customer base would grow effortlessly. When you make a first impression with a meaningful article you present a strong first time impression on your brand. Only a great content can achieve such impact and this is an efficient strategy to attract new businesses, sales and getting your name out there.    

Build Relationships with Other Brands

Content marketing can yield better networking, among companies in your industry and others. Exchanging contents and guest posting on other sites can benefit both brands, improve SEO results, and establish social proof in the eyes of your customers. .  

Influence Conversions

If you consistently put out good content, as I have explained all along people will naturally tune in with you, they will feel a closer bond with the brand, trust you more, and be more open to buy from you. At this point selling to them would be easy, not some cold sells like the traditional marketing. A thoughtfully placed call-to-action or product link can be handy within your content strategy by directing users where you need them to go. As we explain below, this is especially useful for eCommerce brands as you can guide the customer through the buying process with the right content at each stage.  


Build Loyalty

There is no better way to build an enduring list of loyal customers than having a consistent lay out of great content. With great content your brand becomes more valuable beyond just having to sell products and customers return after purchase and you can keep them endeared to you with your good content. This would further help in generating repeat purchases and increase the lifetime value of your customers.    

Compounding Returns

An increasing value that content marketing brings is the compounding effects it brings over time. Contents online hardly die unless it is deleted. As you publish over time your content strategy will grow stronger and stronger. Your content will get to more viewers progressively. As you continue to publish regularly, your consumers would have more contents to connect to and recognize you as an authority in your brand. As you write take note of writing contents that would last a long time. For example, a web design company might post an article about “How to find a good web designer". This topic would always be relevant compared to an article like “The Best Travel Website For 2017” which would die off fast. If you weren’t before you started reading, we hope you’re now convinced of just how important content marketing strategy is for online retailers who are serious about growth. Designing and executing on a solid eCommerce content strategy will result in:
  • Better branding
  • Better customer relationships
  • Less cost and more ROI than traditional advertising
  • Better SEO
  • Better access to product information
  • More trustworthy than traditional advertising
  • Boosts each stage of the sales funnel and ultimately helps you grow sales faster
  I hope you have gleaned a few vital points to address the topic question: Why Is Your Ecommerce Business Performing Badly? If you do, the next big question is,  "How can you get to do your content marketing right?" Follow along as I highlight 10 ways to get your ecommerce content marketing right.  

How to Know a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria

How to Know a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria Finding a good web designer can make the difference between successfully launching your start up business or just putting on an embarrassing show with your start up. In a very competitive market where social media has taken over the business world, your first window to showcase your business to the world would most likely be to get a good web designer for your website. Finding a good web designer can help you make that crucial decision of building good quality website that can bring you more business or a bad one that can drive away suitable customers. In the case where you are trying to be self-employed, getting a good web designer can boost your already shaky confidence and boot up your moral for your business, while a bad web designer could make you lose your little startup budget and pile you up with regret. Enough with the long talk on the importance of finding a good web designer, next step you want to take is to find this good web designer. At this point, who would we define as a good web designer?

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Who is a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria?

Generally many have a poor definition of who is a web designer, or putting it in a better way they confuse a web designer with a web developer, a web programmer, a graphic designer, and even a social media marketer. There is no single fix of defining a web designer but for the case of this article and other subsequent ones we would want to define a good web designer as one with a mix of all the needed skills required to build and run a good website. So here we are saying a good web designer is a mix of essential personalities and qualities. With the following 5 abilities let me describe who a good web designer is. Web Designer: A web designer is just a part of a larger picture of a good web designer skills. We can describe him as one who assists you in determining the layout, graphics, text location and colors of your site as well as the site navigation and how pages will cross-link to one another. He may or may not be main programmer of your site but he acts more as the project manager of your site design. Good Web Designer in Nigeria Web Developer: The web developer takes off from where the web designer stops. He is primarily responsible to put in the codes that will make the site run. He is described as one who programs the language that the computer, the internet and the user understands. He runs the technical stuffs behind the curtain that make the site usable by your visitors. Good Web Designer in Nigeria Graphic Designer: The graphic designer is responsible for the graphic art work of the website. These would include the page layout, the logos, banners, pictures, illustrations and all the physical look of the site. He is more of the brand image maker of your site. Good Web Designer in Nigeria Internet Marketer: The internet marketer develops a marketing strategy for your website. He also outlines how to get more traffic and sales to your website. This quite essential aspect as they have been trained and must have acquired a lot of experience in the internet world that can effectively guide you to success. Good Web Designer in Nigeria Copy Writer: A copy writer is another essential aspect of developing a successful website. A copy writer helps with inviting text that your website needs. Good Web Designer in Nigeria Hey, Hey, Hey, you might shout,  "is that not a very fat definition for a web designer?" The important question should be, "Do you want a great web design work done for you or not?" If you are serious about giving your website that professional touch it deserves then this is your best definition for a good web designer in Nigeria. If you find one web designer who has all the above qualities, or even scores 4/5 then you should thank your goodness. Now before you get going off to getting a good web designer, in addition to these skills and abilities mentioned above that a good web designer should have there are also qualities you should look out for. Here I would highlight five essential qualities you should seek to find in a good web designer in Nigeria.

5 Qualities of a Good Web Designer

  1. They should care sincerely about your business. Pay attention to how much they are desirous to understand the details of the website you want to build. They should be asking you a lot of questions.
  2. Check out sites they have built in the past. What basic thing runs through all of them? Are they all in one style or are they flexible in their designs according to the website need?
  3. Find out if they have a structured, systematic planning process of building the site from the layout phase, to the design phase and to the actual building and the other necessary phases. If they have a Website Guide planner that is a good sign.
  4. Are they willing to stay within your budget or do they continue to suggest cost sapping additions to the site. This is vital as all the bulk of the expenses is on your head.
  5. Be sure that they are not just building a pretty website but one that is properly optimized to drive market and sales to your business.
I'm sure your head is swelling with your new broad knowledge of who a web designer is. Then, I'll be glad that I have successfully ground started you off to building a great web site for yourself or your company and also to lay it from scratch to the success. Tell me you enjoyed this. I want to hear it. Thank you for reading till the end.

How to Find a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria for Your Company

How to Find a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria for Your Company There are just about one web designer in nearly every street in the world today. That is how common it is to find a web designer in Lagos, Nigeria too. Interestingly, as much it is quite easy to find a web designer in Lagos, Nigeria, it also very easy to find a cheap web designer. Take note of the word 'cheap web designer'. Well, I don’t know why some web designers have decided to stoop so low to charge peanuts in the name of cheap web design, but I can bet you that a good web designer sure knows his onions and would bill you for his worth. You  don't want tarnish your brand image with the first impression you make to a prospective client with a poor web design. So if you truly want to get serious with your business then what you really need is a good web designer, not just a web designer. If you around Lagos or Nigeria then you are just at the right place to find a good web designer for your business.
Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria

Hire a good web designer in Lagos, Nigeria for your business

In a previous article I have explained who a good web designer in Lagos, Nigeria is, you might want to check it. Now finding a good web designer gets even more serious when it goes beyond an individual business, and you have to represent the interest of many people in your company. So cutting to the chase, how do you find a good web designer in Lagos, Nigeria for your company?    

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Step 1 – Find out Your Company’s Website Goals

First thing, you need to find out what your company wants to achieve getting a website. You need to give thought on how the new website would impact on the company’s goals, aims and values, and how you are going to measure success. For example if your company is launching a website to increase brand awareness and visibility of your services and product, then you should consider good content, good copy writing and good visibility of your product to be your focus as you search for a good web designer for your business. Let’s also say you are interested in building an e-commerce website and your goal is to increase return-on-investment (ROI), conversion of sales, building and maintaining your customer base, then you should find a web design company that should be ready to deliver all those needs. When you are clear about what you want your website to achieve then it is very easy to choose a web design company that would meet your bill and goals. How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company    

Step 2 – Search on Google

A faster way to find a good web design company  is to use google. Once you type in a suitable keyword search like "web designer in Lagos, Nigeria", Google would automatically list out the most popular web design companies on its front page and subsequent pages progressively. Once there search for suitable companies that would fit your goal. The next steps also points important features to look out for while checking the list of web design companies on Google front page. How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company    

Step 3 – Check the Company’s Track Record

Checking a company’s track record does not necessary have to hinge on how long they have been in business. The most important thing is to find out how much the web design company understands your industry, if they have effectively delivered on a similar solution before and then check to see the client testimonials they have. In fact newer web design companies may understand contemporary web design skills better, have better ideas and show youthful agility. A good web design company that you choose should possess the following design skills:
  • Ability to code your website from scratch with HTML with all the needed functionality.
  • Possess exceptional ability to code with programs like wordpress and dreamweaver.
  • Ability to design the website with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to give the website the design, font and color it deserves and prevent code bloat.
  • Able to set up mobile friendly design of the website.
  • Good graphic design skills cannot be ignored as it is necessary in the design of logos, navigation graphics, and edit images.
  • Know how to optimize your website using SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Good knowledge of social media marketing to increase traffic, connections, customers and sales.How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company
    Step 4 – Build Good Communication Foundation A good web design company should be able to explain to you in lay man’s term what he wants to do with your website. Sure the web design industry is one full of complex technical language but it is important that you fully understand what your web design company is talking and doing to avoid having wrong results or wasting the bunch of everyone’s time. When you talk with them they should be on your side, working hard to communicate with you and making sure you understand and approving the steps taken. You can also know a good web design company by the way they show sincere interest in your project, how they are eager to understand what your company’s plans and how they tally their efforts to achieve and better that goal.How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company     Step 5 – Know your Strategy Finally, but most importantly, should be to guide through a good web marketing strategy that would give you, your website and your company a strong head start into the internet market. When you and your web designer have clarity on a solid strategy, then you have to ensure that the plan is measurable. When you are able to measure the strategy then you are making a good decision based on real data that is defined by reaching the goals you have set in Step 1 above. A good strategy should also have a deadline and stay within your budget. How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company   What a Good Web Designer Should Do For Your Company After highlighting the steps in finding a good web designer for your company we want to identify what a good web designer should be doing for you.   The power of the internet to transform your business cannot be underestimated. It is no news that the internet is changing completely the way we do things nowadays. Virtually all business can be carried out online and bringing with them successful business feat when managed properly. With this knowledge a web designer would do well to build more than just good looking website and bring your business into the web presence but should effectively give a robust online promotion.   A Good Website Web design is a real skill and if your website is to not only look good but work well, it should be constructed by a professional web designer.   Have you noticed these days that so many websites all look the same – square box in the middle of the screen? That’s because it’s fairly easy and cheap to use the many templates available to build a simple website. There are many web designers anyway or friends of a friend out there that will offer to do you a website for a few hundred pounds but there are many technical issues to consider to ensure really professional results.   A good website should have the following attributes: Strong corporate identity User friendly navigation Quick to download A useful resource Expandable – needs to incorporate technology that allows scalability Visually attractive to encourage usage Must work in all browsers on all computers PC and MAC Good investment / value for money Search engine friendly   Remember that first impressions count and a badly designed website is worse than having no website at all. You wouldn’t get a friend of a friend to do your company brochures or service your nice new car you would go to a specialist, so why take the risk and compromise on quality with your website.   A well designed website with good graphics and strong corporate branding will last for years and should be a good investment for your company. Updating the content is simple and inexpensive.   You can start with a small but well designed website that fits within your budget. The key is to ensure that your website is expandable so that as your business grows it can be added to – you may even wish to add a database or e commerce functionality at a later stage.   We believe that Flash is really designed for use in the entertainments industry and we do not recommend using it on a business website. Even with the increasing availability of broadband Flash can be very irritating for users, it serves no purpose, it can detract attention away from the important messages on your website and it will adversely affect your search engine rankings. Strong visual affects can be achieved using other methods.   Using HTML is the most popular and cost effective way to design a website. These can include original graphic designs and are text driven to incorporate relevant search terms, which is good for getting your site recognised by search engines.   DYNAMIC websites incorporate a database and offers more user functionality. A dynamic website can be classed as a web application and is a powerful tool for gathering and providing data for your customers who will be able to log in and search the site quickly for information. If you require a dynamic database driven web design you will have to budget for the back end coding required to build the database. This will be more expensive than a HTML site and will need specialist hosting.   As a less expensive alternative it is possible to build a HTML site which links to a third party database which you can access through your existing ISP.   An E-COMMERCE WEBSITE is an online secure shopping facility so that customers can purchase your goods by credit card over the web. I can guarantee good results if you are following these jewels of truth sprinkled within this article  on "How to Find a Good Web Designer for Your Company".   So I want to hear from you, tell me, 'Ever had any experience with working with a web designer? What was it like?'    

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