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Digital Marketing

Do You Have a Tech Idea That Can Win N1Million?

Nigeria is a country blessed with millions and millions of talented youths. Frankly, no African country can rival the amazing bundle of natural skills and geniuses we have in our country. The sad part for these millions of gifted youths in Nigeria is that hardly anyone talks about them, hardly anyone really cares about them,…

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Reasons Why Fresh Content Is Imperative To Successful SEO

fresh content - SEO

The era before the sudden rise of search engine, people had to literally jot down any website URL that they are interested in or even memorize them. Apart from a few popular websites like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram people have come to rely more and more on search engines to get to websites containing the…

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How To Spend Less on Internet Marketing

internet marketing

The internet has become the largest market place in the world today. The internet has turned the world into a little village. Billions of people in the world use the internet today. It’s fast changing the way we do things in the past. In the past, business people have to travel distances to set up…

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Why Is Your Ecommerce Business Performing Badly

If you run an online store or business, you know it isn’t for the faint-hearted. When an ecommerce business begins to fail the question that gets repeated is, “Why is your ecommerce business performing badly?” Apart from the high cost a web designer would charge to build your ecommerce site, the task of placing all your products on…

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