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How to Know a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria

How to Know a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria

Finding a good web designer can make the difference between successfully launching your start up business or just putting on an embarrassing show with your start up.

In a very competitive market where social media has taken over the business world, your first window to showcase your business to the world would most likely be to get a good web designer for your website.

Finding a good web designer can help you make that crucial decision of building good quality website that can bring you more business or a bad one that can drive away suitable customers.

In the case where you are trying to be self-employed, getting a good web designer can boost your already shaky confidence and boot up your moral for your business, while a bad web designer could make you lose your little startup budget and pile you up with regret.

Enough with the long talk on the importance of finding a good web designer, next step you want to take is to find this good web designer.

At this point, who would we define as a good web designer?

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Who is a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria?

Generally many have a poor definition of who is a web designer, or putting it in a better way they confuse a web designer with a web developer, a web programmer, a graphic designer, and even a social media marketer.

There is no single fix of defining a web designer but for the case of this article and other subsequent ones we would want to define a good web designer as one with a mix of all the needed skills required to build and run a good website.

So here we are saying a good web designer is a mix of essential personalities and qualities. With the following 5 abilities let me describe who a good web designer is.

Web Designer: A web designer is just a part of a larger picture of a good web designer skills. We can describe him as one who assists you in determining the layout, graphics, text location and colors of your site as well as the site navigation and how pages will cross-link to one another.

He may or may not be main programmer of your site but he acts more as the project manager of your site design.

Good Web Designer in Nigeria

Web Developer: The web developer takes off from where the web designer stops. He is primarily responsible to put in the codes that will make the site run.

He is described as one who programs the language that the computer, the internet and the user understands.

He runs the technical stuffs behind the curtain that make the site usable by your visitors.

Good Web Designer in Nigeria

Graphic Designer: The graphic designer is responsible for the graphic art work of the website. These would include the page layout, the logos, banners, pictures, illustrations and all the physical look of the site. He is more of the brand image maker of your site.

Good Web Designer in Nigeria

Internet Marketer: The internet marketer develops a marketing strategy for your website. He also outlines how to get more traffic and sales to your website. This quite essential aspect as they have been trained and must have acquired a lot of experience in the internet world that can effectively guide you to success.

Good Web Designer in Nigeria

Copy Writer: A copy writer is another essential aspect of developing a successful website. A copy writer helps with inviting text that your website needs.

Good Web Designer in Nigeria

Hey, Hey, Hey, you might shout,  “is that not a very fat definition for a web designer?”

The important question should be, “Do you want a great web design work done for you or not?”

If you are serious about giving your website that professional touch it deserves then this is your best definition for a good web designer in Nigeria.

If you find one web designer who has all the above qualities, or even scores 4/5 then you should thank your goodness.

Now before you get going off to getting a good web designer, in addition to these skills and abilities mentioned above that a good web designer should have there are also qualities you should look out for.

Here I would highlight five essential qualities you should seek to find in a good web designer in Nigeria.

5 Qualities of a Good Web Designer

  1. They should care sincerely about your business. Pay attention to how much they are desirous to understand the details of the website you want to build. They should be asking you a lot of questions.
  2. Check out sites they have built in the past. What basic thing runs through all of them? Are they all in one style or are they flexible in their designs according to the website need?
  3. Find out if they have a structured, systematic planning process of building the site from the layout phase, to the design phase and to the actual building and the other necessary phases. If they have a Website Guide planner that is a good sign.
  4. Are they willing to stay within your budget or do they continue to suggest cost sapping additions to the site. This is vital as all the bulk of the expenses is on your head.
  5. Be sure that they are not just building a pretty website but one that is properly optimized to drive market and sales to your business.

I’m sure your head is swelling with your new broad knowledge of who a web designer is. Then, I’ll be glad that I have successfully ground started you off to building a great web site for yourself or your company and also to lay it from scratch to the success.

Tell me you enjoyed this. I want to hear it. Thank you for reading till the end.

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