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How to Find a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria for Your Company

How to Find a Good Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria for Your Company

There are just about one web designer in nearly every street in the world today. That is how common it is to find a web designer in Lagos, Nigeria too.

Interestingly, as much it is quite easy to find a web designer in Lagos, Nigeria, it also very easy to find a cheap web designer. Take note of the word ‘cheap web designer’.

Well, I don’t know why some web designers have decided to stoop so low to charge peanuts in the name of cheap web design, but I can bet you that a good web designer sure knows his onions and would bill you for his worth. You  don’t want tarnish your brand image with the first impression you make to a prospective client with a poor web design.

So if you truly want to get serious with your business then what you really need is a good web designer, not just a web designer. If you around Lagos or Nigeria then you are just at the right place to find a good web designer for your business.

Web Designer in Lagos, Nigeria

Hire a good web designer in Lagos, Nigeria for your business

In a previous article I have explained who a good web designer in Lagos, Nigeria is, you might want to check it.

Now finding a good web designer gets even more serious when it goes beyond an individual business, and you have to represent the interest of many people in your company.

So cutting to the chase, how do you find a good web designer in Lagos, Nigeria for your company?



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Step 1 – Find out Your Company’s Website Goals

First thing, you need to find out what your company wants to achieve getting a website.

You need to give thought on how the new website would impact on the company’s goals, aims and values, and how you are going to measure success.

For example if your company is launching a website to increase brand awareness and visibility of your services and product, then you should consider good content, good copy writing and good visibility of your product to be your focus as you search for a good web designer for your business.

Let’s also say you are interested in building an e-commerce website and your goal is to increase return-on-investment (ROI), conversion of sales, building and maintaining your customer base, then you should find a web design company that should be ready to deliver all those needs.

When you are clear about what you want your website to achieve then it is very easy to choose a web design company that would meet your bill and goals.

How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company



Step 2 – Search on Google

A faster way to find a good web design company  is to use google.

Once you type in a suitable keyword search like “web designer in Lagos, Nigeria”, Google would automatically list out the most popular web design companies on its front page and subsequent pages progressively.

Once there search for suitable companies that would fit your goal.

The next steps also points important features to look out for while checking the list of web design companies on Google front page.

How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company



Step 3 – Check the Company’s Track Record

Checking a company’s track record does not necessary have to hinge on how long they have been in business.

The most important thing is to find out how much the web design company understands your industry, if they have effectively delivered on a similar solution before and then check to see the client testimonials they have.

In fact newer web design companies may understand contemporary web design skills better, have better ideas and show youthful agility.

A good web design company that you choose should possess the following design skills:

  • Ability to code your website from scratch with HTML with all the needed functionality.
  • Possess exceptional ability to code with programs like wordpress and dreamweaver.
  • Ability to design the website with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) to give the website the design, font and color it deserves and prevent code bloat.
  • Able to set up mobile friendly design of the website.
  • Good graphic design skills cannot be ignored as it is necessary in the design of logos, navigation graphics, and edit images.
  • Know how to optimize your website using SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Good knowledge of social media marketing to increase traffic, connections, customers and sales.How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company



Step 4 – Build Good Communication Foundation

A good web design company should be able to explain to you in lay man’s term what he wants to do with your website.

Sure the web design industry is one full of complex technical language but it is important that you fully understand what your web design company is talking and doing to avoid having wrong results or wasting the bunch of everyone’s time.

When you talk with them they should be on your side, working hard to communicate with you and making sure you understand and approving the steps taken.

You can also know a good web design company by the way they show sincere interest in your project, how they are eager to understand what your company’s plans and how they tally their efforts to achieve and better that goal.How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company



Step 5 – Know your Strategy

Finally, but most importantly, should be to guide through a good web marketing strategy that would give you, your website and your company a strong head start into the internet market.

When you and your web designer have clarity on a solid strategy, then you have to ensure that the plan is measurable. When you are able to measure the strategy then you are making a good decision based on real data that is defined by reaching the goals you have set in Step 1 above.

A good strategy should also have a deadline and stay within your budget.

How to Find a Good Web Designer in Nigeria for Your Company


What a Good Web Designer Should Do For Your Company

After highlighting the steps in finding a good web designer for your company we want to identify what a good web designer should be doing for you.


The power of the internet to transform your business cannot be underestimated. It is no news that the internet is changing completely the way we do things nowadays. Virtually all business can be carried out online and bringing with them successful business feat when managed properly.

With this knowledge a web designer would do well to build more than just good looking website and bring your business into the web presence but should effectively give a robust online promotion.


A Good Website

Web design is a real skill and if your website is to not only look good but work well, it should be constructed by a professional web designer.


Have you noticed these days that so many websites all look the same – square box in the middle of the screen? That’s because it’s fairly easy and cheap to use the many templates available to build a simple website.

There are many web designers anyway or friends of a friend out there that will offer to do you a website for a few hundred pounds but there are many technical issues to consider to ensure really professional results.


A good website should have the following attributes:

Strong corporate identity

User friendly navigation

Quick to download

A useful resource

Expandable – needs to incorporate technology that allows


Visually attractive to encourage usage

Must work in all browsers on all computers PC and MAC

Good investment / value for money

Search engine friendly


Remember that first impressions count and a badly designed website is worse than having no website at all.

You wouldn’t get a friend of a friend to do your company brochures or service your nice new car you would go to a specialist, so why take the risk and compromise on quality with your website.


A well designed website with good graphics and strong corporate branding will last for years and should be a good investment for your company. Updating the content is simple and inexpensive.


You can start with a small but well designed website that fits within your budget. The key is to ensure that your website is expandable so that as your business grows it can be added to – you may even wish to add a database or e commerce functionality at a later stage.


We believe that Flash is really designed for use in the entertainments industry and we do not recommend using it on a business website. Even with the increasing availability of broadband Flash can be very irritating for users, it serves no purpose, it can detract attention away from the important messages on your website and it will adversely affect your search engine rankings. Strong visual affects can be achieved using other methods.


Using HTML is the most popular and cost effective way to design a website. These can include original graphic designs and are text driven to incorporate relevant search terms, which is good for getting your site recognised by search engines.


DYNAMIC websites incorporate a database and offers more user functionality.

A dynamic website can be classed as a web application and is a powerful tool for gathering and providing data for your customers who will be able to log in and search the site quickly for information.

If you require a dynamic database driven web design you will have to budget for the back end coding required to build the database. This will be more expensive than a HTML site and will need specialist hosting.


As a less expensive alternative it is possible to build a HTML site which links to a third party database which you can access through your existing ISP.


An E-COMMERCE WEBSITE is an online secure shopping facility so that customers can purchase your goods by credit card over the web.

I can guarantee good results if you are following these jewels of truth sprinkled within this article  on “How to Find a Good Web Designer for Your Company”.


So I want to hear from you, tell me, ‘Ever had any experience with working with a web designer? What was it like?’



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