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Do You Have a Tech Idea That Can Win N1Million?

Nigeria is a country blessed with millions and millions of talented youths. Frankly, no African country can rival the amazing bundle of natural skills and geniuses we have in our country.

The sad part for these millions of gifted youths in Nigeria is that hardly anyone talks about them, hardly anyone really cares about them, and hardly anyone is doing something significant to harness these gifts.

FaceOfCampus is organizing a fantastic online event that gives students & gradutes from all parts of the country to showcase their talent in Music, Business, Dance, Writing, Photo taking and poetry.

The grand prize for the winner of the business competition is N1Million. There are also other prizes worth N2million in the other contest categories like music, dancing and others.

So to all our readers who are have brilliant IT ideas please fo to www.FaceOfCampus.com to apply for the contest now. Entry Fee is FREE. Any late entry would cost N5000.

Well even if you don’t have an IT idea but love taking pictures, or are talented in Music, Dance, Writing or Poetry simply go to www.FaceOfCampus.com to apply. Entry Fee is FREE. Any late entry would cost N5000.

If you also need help in putting together your IT idea please also contact us here in iZikeezy.com


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